Dessert Eaters

Heavy in White, 1997-2001, silver gelatin prints on Ektalure G paper, toned with gold. This body of works comprehends the following photographic series: Body Studies; Caryatids; Dessert Eaters; Distortions and Spaghetti Eaters.

“The Heavy in White series was inspired by body-consciousness. It focuses on self-criticism and identity and refers and challenges at the same time classical and contemporary concepts of beauty and form. The process driven by spontaneity, parody and conceptuality produced a collective sense of liberation for all the women that worked with me on the series. The Heavy in White women are not trying to impress or perform. They are playing and eating with relish, celebrating their bodies without trying to be something other than what they are.”

All are silver gelatin prints toned with gold or tea and printed by the artist. All images were printed in a limited edition, usually of fewer than 12 prints. The remaining silver gelatin images from this series were printed on 16”x20”, 20”x24” or 8”x10” paper. The “Distortions” series was printed exclusively on 8”x10” paper. A limited edition of archival pigment prints is currently available for each image within the Heavy and White series upon request.

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