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artist statement

Bombarded by the constant flux of information injected into our lives by technology, we are losing our ability to contemplate. But can technology be turned upon itself and help us feel in a deep, spiritual way? To investigate this, I turned to mixed media. In my work, I master a composite moving image to allow for the grandeur and magic of The Everyday to unfold. I see my video work as an extension of the still image. This combination of moving and still images expresses our shifting internal gestures – where the Eternal is reconciled with the Quotidian.

– Lynn


Lynn Bianchi is a fine art photographer and multimedia artist who has shown her work in over thirty solo exhibitions and in museums worldwide.

Bianchi’s photographic work has been shown at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Japan; Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne in Switzerland; and Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Canada among others. Her art has been featured in over forty publications, including The Huffington Post and Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Vogue Italia and Zoom in Italy, Phot’Art International in France, and GEO in Germany. Lynn’s work resides in numerous private collections across the globe, including Manfred Heiting’s and Edward Norton’s, as well as in museum collections including Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas; Brooklyn Museum in New York and Biblioteque Nationale de France in Paris, Musée Ken Damy in Brescia, Italy, 21c Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. She has recently exhibited in New York City at The Untitled Space, The Armory Show at Salomon Arts Gallery, One Art Space, Shchukin Gallery.

In 2011 Lynn began working in the video field and has to date produced about 30 multimedia works. Her most recent projects have been shown at various festivals all over the world, including Tulum World Environment Film Festival, GIPHY Film Fest, Dallas Medianale, MicroActs and others. Some of those have been featured at CICA Museum in South Korea and included into International Symposium of Electronic Arts in Columbia – ISEA-2017, Electronic Language International Festival in Brazil – FILE- 2017, Piemonte Share Festival – the Italian art fair of electronic art, digital art and new media, as well as Coney Island Film Festival and Park Slope Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York among others.

Lynn’s latest works are suspended between Henri Cartier-Bresson’s idea that to photograph is to hold one’s breath with all faculties converged in an effort to capture fleeting reality, and the belief that flowing processes that transcend reality cannot be entirely captured by static images. By capturing the natural world Bianchi illustrates our human emotions and motivations. The perpetual movements of the ocean or the endless variations of a skyscape reflect our own shifting internal gestures. The artist looks for the precise moment when mastering a static or moving image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy. In her work the combination of still and moving images reconciles the Eternal with the Quotidian.